Access changes everything.

Access changes everything.

About the Cause

Technology and its applications have changed the way we live and interact with the world around us. This great connector though, has left behind older citizens who stand to gain the most from joining the digital world. As Canada faces the COIVD-19 pandemic and a loneliness epidemic, the power of technology has never been more relevant.

Many barriers prevent older people from embracing technology and its benefits. These include :

  • Limited access to devices because of physical restrictions or financial means
  • Programs or services that are not designed with barriers seniors may face in mind
  • Lack of skill or confidence to use technology
  • Lack of knowledge about the options and applications of technology today

What they stand to gain though, is life-changing:

  • Independence
  • Increased access to necessities like groceries, government services and healthcare
  • Direct connection to their support network and the opportunity to join online communities
  • Access to online resources and entertainment including therapeutic and recreational programming

“Nearly 30% of Canadians
aged 65 and older are not
regular internet users.”
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“People who are 80 years
and older say that up to
80 per cent of the time
they feel lonely.” 
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Support our cause
and help seniors
get connected!

Support our cause and help seniors get connected!